Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Gloss finishing product at LIDL

Today I went to my favorite (closest) discounter store LIDL to do some basic shopping and I stumbled over the following (temporarily available) product:

Baufix Klarlack (Alkydharzlack)
Price: 2,99 EUR

This might be the solution to the gloss finished problems I experienced when working with epoxy resin on wooden surfing fins.

My tries so far:
  1. Use a lot of resin.
    Which results in some uneven, bumpy surface and which makes the thing quite heavy

  2. Polishing (with car polish or toothpaste).
    Hard work, even with a polishing machine. Only works with perfectly glassed surfaces.

  3. Use gloss finish.

    I tried the Schooner from Interlux, which smells awful, is very dust-prone and never use too much of it because then the surface looks like miniature mountains.
Anyway, I tried some of the Baufix stuff on my new longboard deck today and the result looks promising...

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