Sunday, September 12, 2010

Free CAD programs for surfboard design

For my alaia outline I was looking for a free software solution instead of using some commercial DTP software like InDesign.

The one I used for my alaia is AkuShaper which I came across while reading some articles on Swaylocks. It's free (there's a commercial pro version, too), java based and really easy to learn. As I just needed it for the outline, I didn't get too much into the two other views needed for real 3D modelling.

The other one I came across is BoardCAD. Also free, also Java based. The screenshots look pretty similar to AkuShaper, however I didn't install it as it seems AkuShaper is the first choice.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Now that everyone is making his own alaia aka "now my fence wants to surf", these guys are doing some beautiful hand-planes for bodysurfing:

Weisbecker Surf Movie "Water Time"

Seems like Weisbecker's has been doing his Montauk to Costa Rica trip again, now with a camera and producing a documentary. While his book "In the search of captain zero" was a classic, his latest book was quite a hard read...

We'll see what the movie brings. First glimpse seems interesting:

Original alaia footage

Doing further research for my alaia project I stumbled across the following footage about early surfing in Waikiki. Includes some scenes with alaias and olos and the occasional "surfing dog".