Saturday, October 31, 2009

New DIY skateboard with Bennett trucks and Flashback wheels

Finally I finished a longer version of the Sector 9 Superfish with a slightly modified tail. Equipped with Bennett Vector 6.0" trucks and ABEC 11 70's Flashback 78a wheels, it's a perfect setup for street cruising and puming.

The trucks and wheels had been mounted on my Superfish replica before, however turns were quite sharp. With the increased wheel base of this board, carving is far more easy.

Again the board is made of 9 ply birch and has been finished with lineseed oil (which smelled for about two weeks...). Additionally, I applied a new logo by using a stencil and acrylic paint.

Electric Skateboards

For those that are too lazy to push or pump:

Skate Study House

Furtniture design inspired by skateboarding:
Thanks to Angelika!